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Tepeler House Bodrum_Manaz Interiors_Plan Project_01.jpg

Cennetköy Yalıkavak No:55

Bodrum, Yalıkavak, 2023

Photographs: Boho Living Art

Reviving the Traditional Bodrum House: Handcraftsmanship, Nature-Inspired Design, and Geometric Aesthetic

In this project aiming to redesign the traditional summer house in Bodrum Yalıkavak Cennetköy, a unique summer residence has been meticulously crafted with a modern touch while preserving the essence of traditional Bodrum architecture, utilizing an elegant combination of blue and white. This design incorporates both organic and geometric design elements, creating a distinctive identity for the space.

The transformation, spanning 250 square meters, involves converting a 3+1 house into a 4+1 residence, enriched with functional additions such as storage spaces, a pantry, and a servant's room to meet the client's needs for organizing large events and parties.

Materials such as natural plaster, custom-designed ceramics, and the integration of geometric forms have been employed, with each detail inspired by the natural surroundings of the region. The color palette of white and blue harmoniously resonates with the natural beauty of Bodrum, while the use of handmade furniture and designs emphasizes uniqueness, opting for original pieces instead of mass-produced items.

This interior design project preserves the character of the traditional Bodrum house while seamlessly blending a modern lifestyle and creating an atmosphere suitable for various events. The language used to share this project on the website emphasizes a customer-centric experience, focusing on details and presenting a combination of aesthetics and functionality.

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