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Bodrum Villa No:9

Bodrum, Bardakçı Bay, 2022

Photographs: Kreamark Studio


Villa No.9: Revived Traditional Bodrum House

Villa No.9 is the revitalization of an old Bodrum house situated in Bardakçı Bay. It has been reinterpreted with eco-friendly materials and tailored to contemporary comfort. The exterior features a harmonious blend of locally sourced stone materials, creating a natural look.

Originally a 3+1 layout, the house has been transformed into a 4+1 with the addition of an annex, excluding a laundry room and storage. The annex boasts its own bathroom and living space, while storage under the stairs has been cleverly utilized.

The previously unused terrace has been reimagined as a seating area, small kitchenette, and sunbathing spot. The seating areas reflect organic forms carved from rocks. Gardens, adorned with palm trees, create a private and concealed space by utilizing architectural elevation differences.

Indoors, rooms have been expanded, and built-in closets with rattan doors enhance functionality. Each floor has a shared bathroom, with additional storage spaces designed in each bathroom to address storage challenges.

The balcony in the living room has been seamlessly integrated into the indoor space with glass coverings. The glass ceiling area provides an atmosphere where indoor and outdoor spaces harmoniously merge. The kitchen countertop space has been transformed into a pantry, and the existing fireplace area has been preserved.

Wooden beams have been incorporated into the ceilings to maintain the natural essence of Bodrum houses. This comprehensive renovation successfully blends traditional and modern living, considering every detail thoughtfully.

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