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Beril Villa No: 6

Çayyolu, Ankara, 2020

Beril Site: Merging the Traditional Spirit and Modern Elegance of Ankara - Aesthetic Transformation and Functionality

The metamorphosis of Beril Site has undergone a tremendous transformation by seamlessly combining the traditional elements of Turkish architecture with the simplicity of Ankara's architectural style in a modern design. This conversion, turning a 150-square-meter area into a 250-square-meter villa, not only upgraded the residence from a 3+1 to a 5+2 concept but also enhanced the functionality and spaciousness of the interior.

The transition from smaller rooms with shared bathrooms to larger rooms with private bath spaces has made the living areas more comfortable. Particularly noteworthy is the incorporation of a dressing room and bathroom in the master bedroom, providing a private sanctuary and adding a touch of luxury. The kitchen has evolved beyond a mere cooking space; it has transformed into a social hub with seating areas and a winter garden opening to the backyard. The utilization of bay windows as seating areas indoors has injected dynamism into the space. Division of the living room into dining and seating areas, along with the inclusion of a tsarim furniture showcase, not only enriched the aesthetic structure but also increased functionality.The conversion of the previously unused fireplace area into a functional fireplace, combined with a designated space for a TV and showcase, has turned the living room into a versatile living area. The entrance area, once housing a WC, has been reimagined as a welcoming space, providing an airy atmosphere and eliminating the need for a separate vestibule. On the upper floor, the laundry and storage cupboard in the hall area enhance functionality while creating an aesthetically pleasing view. The attention-grabbing attic floor features a guest bedroom and lounge. Skylight windows, due to the low ceiling, allow more natural light to enter during the day and provide an opportunity to gaze at Ankara's night sky. This floor serves as a private space for guests and a versatile family hobby room or cinema.

The interior color palette, characterized by muted tones and rustic details, harmoniously enriches the overall atmosphere of the house. The use of blue in the kitchen enlivens the space, while rustic details strengthen the character of the home. Beril Site stands out as a unique living space, showcasing the harmony between traditional and modern design.

Fotoğraf: Kreamark Studio

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