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Bay Çerez Retail Store I 

Ankara, 2022

Photographs:CNK Production

Gradually Designed Functional Areas for Displaying and Experiencing Products

Within the space, different functional areas have been gradually arranged to provide ample space for displaying and experiencing products. Each section offers visitors the opportunity to both view products and move around comfortably. This arrangement not only enhances the shopping experience for customers but also maintains the aesthetic integrity of the space.

The architectural planning solution was developed with both increasing customer capacity and aesthetic concerns in mind. Every detail of the space has been meticulously planned to create not just a retail store, but also a culinary exploration journey. The central placement of the nut presentation area directs customers' focus towards discovering and experiencing the products. This strategic positioning allows customers to explore both the products and the intricate details of the space as they move around. Our design, characterized by rounded edges and circular movements, not only encourages movement within but also instills a sense of trust and tranquility in visitors. Each section has been carefully designed according to its content and function. The hot sales section is surrounded by glass walls, ensuring visual coherence. This setup enables everyone inside to clearly observe how the products are displayed while providing direct access to the hot sales area. Additionally, the delightful aroma of nuts permeating the space stimulates customers' senses, making their shopping experiences even more enjoyable. At Nut Company Sales Store, architectural aesthetics and culinary experiences come together seamlessly.

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