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We Make Spaces.

Established by the passionate interior architects G. Deniz Üstübal Manaz and Halil Ahmet Manaz in 2016. Manaz Interiors serves as an office specialized in interior architecture and design to provide elegant solutions to its associates with its founders' expertise in Bilkent University ecole. Having internalized the idea of modern way of eclecticism, Manaz Interiors differentiates itself from others by creating cozy and relaxing spaces for its associates. Using colors and organic forms daringly, Manaz Interiors aims toestablish living spaces for its associates which will emphasize integrity and character of the place.


Born from Ankara, Manaz Interiors devotedly work for designing spaces that people can practically use and elicit designs that endure against time.


'' We believe that ergonomy plays a crucial role in our designs. With the core focus of creating flowing spaces and pursuing the idea of 'form follows functions', Manaz Interiors creates spaces that are best suitable for the needs of its associates. By doing so, we wanted to come up with orginal designs containing our perspectives...''


Interior Design Awards


Bürotime Design Awards - 3th Prize


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